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Each case is unique and different. Though past results do not guarantee future results, we can assure you that our Spokane personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly to help you get the justice you deserve. Your case may not generate as much funds as another case with the same injuries. Each case depends on the insurance company, insurance adjuster, amount of medical treatment, amount of wage loss, as well future medicals and future wage loss expected. There are lots of variables in every case. The long term effects of the injuries that impact your life also play a very large role in the amount awarded.

Remember that we will work our hardest to obtain a settlement that is favorable and fair and we will not accept an offer without your consent. You have the deciding vote and your satisfaction is our primary goal.

    • Car Accident & Head Trauma $500,000

      55-year-old involved T-bone crash in which the other driver ran a stop sign. The impact was to the driver’s side door. The impact was so forceful that his head hit the side window, causing a concussion and a herniated disc in his neck. He was off work for a considerable period of time. He had to have fusion surgery. He has a limited range of motion in his neck and chronic neck pain.

    • Car Accident Causing Rotator Cuff Surgery $150,000

      44-year-old woman involved in crash suffered a torn rotator cuff with surgical repair and ongoing neck pain

    • Car Accident Causing Total Knee Replacement $200,000

      55-year-old woman with degenerative knee injured in a crash leading to total knee replacement surgery. Causation was disputed.

    • Car Accident Causing Whiplash $160,000

      Whiplash injury causing permanent cervical facet joint pain.

    • Car Accident Injuring Child $250,000

      This was a rear end collision; the child was safely strapped into the rear car seat. A C-D television flew from the front of the car and struck the 2-year-old child in the head, causing a skull in a motor vehicle collision and loss of consciousness. At the hospital, the child was put in a coma to prevent brain swelling. His parents did not know whether he would live or die. Fortunately, the child had an excellent recovery.

    • Crushed Hand Caused by Defective Construction Equipment $1.05 Million

      The plaintiff was twenty-eight years old and had rented a wood chipper. When the wood chipped malfunctioned, he was horrified to have his hand caught and crushed by the machine. With emergency treatment, he was able to maintain some use of his hand, although chronic hand pain was permanent.

    • Crushed Leg Caused by Defective RTV $980,000

      Our client contacted us from Kentucky after reading about Sweetser’s success obtaining civil justice against foreign manufacturer. A sixteen-year-old star baseball player had his legs destroyed by a defective recreational terrain vehicle that resulted in multiple surgeries and severe scarring.

    • Crushed Leg Caused by Defective RTV Vehicle $2 Million

      Sweetser Law Office represented a 16-year-old high school basketball standout after her leg was crushed by a defective recreational terrain vehicle. The story was heartbreaking for our local community, reported widely across local networks in Spokane. Ultimately, she required a left leg amputation. We sued the well-funded defended foreign manufacturer and demanded justice.

    • Dangerous Property Injuring Children $500,000 Policy Limit

      We represented two children, ages four and five years old. The children discovered a gas can that had been left in the neighbor’s yard and poured it down a slide. While sliding down the slide, friction caused static electricity leading to a fire that severely burned both children.

    • Dangerous Property, Trip and Fall $285,000

      A 67-year-old man fell while playing golf in the Spokane County. The golf course knew a sprinkler box was leaking water. The client stepped on the top of the sprinkler box and fell. Liability was disputed. The fall caused a herniated disc and fusion surgery.

    • Defective Lawn Mower Injuring Child $225,000

      A 7-year-old child was allowed to operate a riding lawn mower contrary to the owner’s manual. Our client was a 4-year-old child who lived next door. She was playing in the yard and run over by a riding lawnmower. The lawnmower blade caused a large cut in her buttock requiring plastic surgery and permanent disfigurement.

    • Defective Playground Equipment Injuring Child $120,000

      Three young boys were playing on a mound of snow left by a snow removal crew at an apartment complex. The apartment had placed a metal fence around the snow. A 10-year-old boy slid down the snow bank and tried to climb over the fence. The fence toppled to the ground. One of the tips of his finger was caught between the fence and the ground. He was rushed to the hospital. He lost the tip of middle finger. Liability was disputed.

    • Defective Speed Bump $175,000

      This is a case where construction workers and a local University installed speed bumps across a roadway but failed to pain them. A bike club traveled to a local pub. On the way back, a 47-year-old man, who had been drinking, and was at or about the legal limit, wrecked his bike on the speed bump that blended into the new pavement. Liability was disputed. The man suffered a concussion and shoulder separation. Luckily, he was wearing a helmet or he would likely have died.

    • Dog Attack Causing Facial Scars $250,000

      A dog with known aggressive tendencies mauled an 8-year-old boy. The dog did not bite the boy. The dog scratched his face with its claws, resulting in bleeding and scaring. The boy has permanent scaring under his chin and on the side of his face. He is not a candidate for plastic surgery until he is fully grown.

    • Fatal Accident Caused by Rushed Delivery Driver $2.15 Million Policy Limit

      Sweetser Law Office sued after a pizza delivery driver ran a stop sign, killing an 8-old-year old girl. Although four separate insurance companies attempted to avoid liability and insurance coverage, we successfully proved the offending delivery driver ran the stop sign. We also uncovered a troubling pattern that this pizza company hired inexperienced drivers and rushed them out the door with little training.

    • Fraud & Professional Malpractice $1 Million Policy Limit

      Sweetser Law Office represented investors who were defrauded by the professional malpractice of certain real estate appraisers. The scheme inflated prices to deceive investors about the value of condos in the Ridpath hotel during Spokane’s infamous Ridpath hotel scandals.

    • Medical Negligence, Failure to Diagnose $290,000

      60 year old disabled woman fell at home and injured her hip. X-rays were taken. She was discharged from the hospital but could not bear weight. She was transferred for rehabilitation facility. She performed rehabilitation with a broken hip for several weeks. Later, a review of the x-rays showed she had a broken hip from the very beginning. She developed a blood clot due to the negligent reading of the x-ray. The radiologist admitted negligence.

    • Medical Negligence, Improper Steroid Injection $425,000

      A young woman who had a hysterectomy continued to have pain at the incision site. To relieve the pain, the treating doctor injected steroid injections into the incision line, causing deterioration of the flesh, and Cushing syndrome. To correct the damage she had cosmetic surgery. The overdose of steroids resulted in metabolic changes to her adrenal, pituitary, hypothalamus, and other essential glands. Liability was disputed.

    • Medical Negligence, MRI Burn $235,000

      A large woman was placed in an MRI machine. She was not supervised. She felt burning pain on her hips and tried to summon help. She completed the MRI. She had obvious burns on both hips. Within days, she had boils on both hips that became infected and required plastic surgery. The hospital admitted liability.

    • Motorcycle Accident & Broken Vertebrae $425,000

      A 45-year-old motorcycle passenger was thrown from a motorcycle when a driver failed to yield the right of way. She suffered a herniated disc in her neck, broken ribs & pelvis fracture. She had multiple surgeries the next day. The client was wearing a helmet. This saved her life.

    • Negligent Construction Worker $225,000

      A 53-year-old mason was performing his job pouring concrete. The concrete driver failed to abide by hand signals and did not lock the chute. The truck was parked on an incline. A chute loaded with concrete can be deadly. The chute swung around and hit the mason, causing him to twist his hip, shoulder, and back. The impact caused hip pain that was later diagnosed as an aggravation of his asymptomatic degenerative hip. He could not perform his job without a total hip replacement. Liability and causation were disputed.

    • Negligent Construction Worker $200,000

      This is a case where a building company negligently placed a truss on a residential home. A 35-year-old framer was knocked off a wall while placing a beam. He fell over 10 feet and landed on concrete, shattering his right heel. Liability was disputed.

    • Read End Collision $195,000

      A U-Haul truck rear-ended a 62-year-old man. The brakes on the U-Haul were defective. The 62-year-old man had pre-existing degenerative changes that made him more susceptible to a spinal cord contusion. The impact causes impingement to his spinal cord and temporary paralysis. Fortunately, the paralysis was not permanent, and he regained use of all of his extremities. He now walks with a cane.

    • Rollover Car Accident Causing Neck Fracture $600,000 Policy Limit

      Our client was a twenty-four-year-old passenger when the car he was riding in rolled over. He suffered a severe neck fracture that required fusion surgery. He recovered well but is expected to have serious medical needs as he ages.

    • Semi-Truck Collision Causing PTSD $600,000

      In this case, a fifty-year-old long-haul truck driver was in a head-on collision when another semi-truck crossed the center line. The negligent driver was either distracted or fatigued. Although our client was not permanently injured physically, he continued to suffer from post-traumatic stress associated with the collision.

    • Sexual Abuse by Mental Health Caretaker $2.5 Million

      Our client, a thirty-two-year-old patient of a mental hospital, was the victim of egregious sexual abuse at the hands of the mental health professional taking care of her. The mental health counselor was also criminally prosecuted and convicted.

    • Trip, Slip and Fall $200,000

      32 year old was walking in a Denny’s restaurant to the bathroom. A pool of water had formed where the servers were placing dishes. The incident was caught on video. The prior attorney on the case missed the statute of limitations. The slip and fall resulted in a low back disc herniation and a fusion surgery. Liability was disputed.

    • Trip, Slip and Fall Causing Back Surgery $225,000

      26 year old female fell in a shopping mall parking lot. The fall was captured on video. The parking lot was icy. The fall in the parking lot caused a herniated disc in her low back and surgery

    • Wrongful Death Caused by Medical Neglect $450,000.00

      We represented the sixteen-year-old girl whose father who died in prison as the result of medical negligence. Her father had a history of blood clots and asked for treatment. The jail refused to place him on the required medication. He died when a pulmonary embolism broke free and caused suffocation. Liability was disputed.

    • Wrongful Death Caused by Neglect of Childcare Provider $450,000.00

      Disputed liability involving the death of an 8-year-old child while supervised by an in-home health care aid that was off duty. The child was developmentally disabled and required constant care. The care provider was working overtime, when the child either was abused or tripped and fell, striking her head, causing swelling, and death.

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