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Help for Civil Claim in Spokane

Chose A Proven Legal Team

You have the right to a jury trial. You have the right to have your story heard, and for citizens of your community to make a decision about whether the defendant is liable and the extent of your losses, including loss of enjoyment of life, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering.

Our job as personal injury attorneys is to develop the evidence so:

  • The defendant is held accountable for violating basic rules that keep us safe;
  • You are adequately compensated; and,
  • Others are deterred from the same type of dangerous conduct.

Unfortunately civil litigation can be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. At Sweetser Law Office we pay for your litigation costs to conduct an investigation, hire experts, and prove your case. We obtain the evidence necessary for jurors to understand the merits of your case. Attorneys at Sweetser Law Office can confidentially talk with the defendant about accepting their responsibility without the need for you to file suit. When presented with the evidence, a defendant may decide to settle the case even before you file suit.

Sometimes, however, the defendant or insurance company decides they do not want to pay full compensation for your losses. They will force you to file suit because they do not understand the full extent of your losses, or claim you are exaggerating. In these circumstances it is essential to have an experienced personal injury attorney in order to prove the full extent of what you suffered. Our firm will compare your case to the compensation awarded by juries in similar cases, with similar facts and circumstances. This allows us to evaluate and advise you of the risks and benefits of going to trial.

Sweetser Law Office is equipped to handle every step of the process: From the investigation, finding solutions to your medical problems, negotiating your case with the insurance company or opposing attorney, filing a lawsuit on your behalf, completing the paperwork in litigation, preparing for your testimony, or representing you in trial. We prepare our cases from the beginning by conducting investigations into the truth, developing your unique story, and handling the legal aspects of the case through mediation or trial.

Before we decide to file a lawsuit, the firm will evaluate your case and advise you. We use our experience to guide you in your decisions to file suit or to negotiate. In many cases, there is no alternative to filing suit because insurance companies believe nothing the defendant did was wrong, you are exaggerating, or that you cannot obtain evidence to show what really happened. If you find yourself in these circumstances, we recommend you contact the personal injury attorneys at Sweetser Law Office for free advice.

Do I Have a Good Case?

To figure out whether you have a case worth pursuing, it helps to know the key elements that must be proven in your personal injury case. Generally, the requirements in an injury case are the same. The first requirement to prove is that the defendant had a duty that has been violated. People have a duty to act responsibly toward one another. Drivers have a duty to follow traffic laws. Doctors have a duty not to needlessly endanger the lives of their patients. Manufacturers have a duty to make their products safe for consumers, including children. When a reckless driver causes an auto accident, a doctor treats a patient inappropriately, or a company manufactures a defective product, they have violated their duty to the community.

The second requirement is proof the defendant’s violation caused you harm. We must prove that the defendant’s speeding caused the auto accident or the defendant’s defective product injured your child. In Washington, the defendant does not get to blame the victim if they had a pre-existing injury that was aggravated. Even if there is a pre-existing injury, you are entitled to compensation for aggravating your condition and long term prognosis.

The third requirement is showing proof of the extent and nature of your injuries. Documented evidence of the injuries you sustained can be critical. Medical bills, lost wages and evidence of emotional injury can effectively be shown by an experienced personal injury lawyer. In addition, Sweetser Law Office is experienced in showing how your life has been affected the injury you suffered. We get to know what your life activities were prior to the injury, and how much function you have now. In serious injury cases, we find that the loss of mobility impacts not only your health, but your relationships, activities, daily routine, and outlook on life. Juries must look at your injuries as they have affected the whole person, not merely a part of your body.

During Your Time Of Need, Let Us Be Your Voice

Former elected Spokane prosecutor, James R. Sweetser, takes a strategic approach geared toward efficient results and successful resolution in litigation matters.

We have the skills and resources to take on a wide spectrum of civil law claims involving:

Get A Free Case Review from Sweetser Law Office

You may be unsure whether you have a strong case. Sometimes we hear from injury victims that have blamed themselves for an injury caused by no fault of their own. That is why the Spokane personal injury attorneys at Sweetser Law Office provide a free initial case review. Sweetser Law Office will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in your case. After this preliminary review, our litigation lawyers can give you an analysis of your rights and an estimate of your ability to be successful in court. Our Spokane litigation lawyers will know the information you need to present in court as well as the process, procedures, and deadlines you must meet to keep your lawsuit on track.

Make no mistake - the quality of your attorney can have a significant impact on the final result in your case. Not all attorneys are the same. An experienced and dedicated civil litigation lawyer at Sweetser Law Office can help you protect your rights and fairly resolve your case.

Sweetser Law Office strives to:

  • Provide you with courtroom experience and expertise
  • Resolve your case in a timely and effective manner
  • Provide essential skills and experience necessary to protect your interests
  • Thoroughly analyze all aspects of your case and help determine whether to settle or go forward with trial
  • Determine whether your case requires negotiations
  • Decide whether or not to settle your lawsuit out of court
  • Explain your legal rights and obligations
  • Make sure to follow the very specific court rules when filing motions on your behalf
  • Discuss your trial options
  • Help organize documents for evidence
  • Point out any faults in your case
  • Devise a legal strategy to help you win your case
  • Represent you during hearings, arbitration, mediation, motions, and at trial

Sweetser Law Office has earned a reputation as high-quality civil litigators with a wide range of knowledge in nearly all injury-related cases. We have been advocating for our clients in Spokane and surrounding areas for more than 30 years. We prepare all of our cases for trial from the beginning. Our firm has access to extensive resources, professional connections, and experts to educate the jury on critical issues in the case. This preparation is critical in many cases to obtaining favorable settlements for our clients, and when settlement is not an option, we are ready to fight for our clients' rights in the courtroom.

Our firm’s founding lawyer, James R. Sweetser, serves as lead counsel in every case. He has won numerous high profile cases and continues to prevail in complex civil matters. His efforts, compounded with those of our entire legal team, have helped earn Sweetser Law Office a solid reputation for thorough preparation, innovative demonstrative evidence, passionate advocacy, and unmatched effectiveness.

At Sweetser Law Office we are not a personal injury mill. We are a midsize law firm providing individualized, personally tailored legal solutions across a variety of issues. We will take the time to listen to your situation, and investigate the facts surrounding your case. We will provide you with litigation services designed to meet your individualized needs. Our lawyers and support staff will promptly return your calls and keep you informed of any major developments throughout your case.

Our best advertisement is a job well done, and we have more than 30 years’ worth of satisfied clients to attest to our success. Contact us today.