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Fractures & Broken Bones

Spokane Personal Injury Attorney

Spinal Fracture

Our bodies are dependent on the wholesomeness of the structure, the strength of the bones. Throughout the majority of our lives, our bones are resilient structures. However, most people suffer at least one fracture during their lifetime. Fractures occur when bones cannot withstand certain outside forces. Age sometimes plays a significant role contributing to broken bones and fractures, because as an individual gets older our bones are more susceptible and healing time is extended.

However, there is a difference between a simple fracture caused by fragility and a severe fracture caused by the negligence of another. Broken bones and fractures caused by others (such as car accidents, nursing home falls, or a children’s playgrounds) typically involve a high force impact or stress that results in a more severe crack. When the broken bone is caused by someone else’s negligence, the injured person can make a claim to recover money to compensate for damages from the injury.

Handling Broken Bone Injuries Since 1984

When you need an experienced bone fracture attorney Sweetser Law Office will fight to obtain the compensation that you deserve under Washington laws, including all damages for bone fractures and associated losses as a result of the injuries.

These including:

  • Medical costs – Past and future emergency response bills, hospital bills, medical bills, physical therapy, psychological counseling, dental and cosmetic charges, or scar revision surgery when necessary;
  • Loss of income – Past and future loss of wages including time the use of paid sick leave, vacation time or other benefits as the responsible party should not receive the benefits you've already earned;
  • Lost quality of life – Loss of enjoyment of life, hobbies, and activities you are no longer able to perform without pain;
  • Pain and suffering – Past and future pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

What Causes Broken Bone and Fracture Injury Accidents

  • Lack of safety requirements on the job, or lack of enforcement of safety requirements
  • Negligent behavior in any situation, or behavior that could be considered horseplay, or reckless, in nature
  • Not paying attention to what is going on in the vicinity
  • Poor driving, negligent premises maintenance, or lack of safety procedures on a work site
  • Purposely making dangerous decisions that could lead to others sustaining serious injuries without regard to the consequences
  • Distraction, especially on the road, and especially caused by other activities being done while engaged in the primary activity, like talking on the cell phone, texting on the cell phone, having conversations in the car, eating and drinking, or changing radio stations

Damages in Bone Fracture Cases

Broken bones cause a great deal of pain because nerve endings that encapsulate our bones contain sensory fibers that become inflamed when a bone is broken. Broken bones internally bleed, and this in turn causes swelling (edema) and pain. As your body attempts to repair a broken bone, any movement will cause more pain, so most often an injured limb is immobilized. Still, muscles spasms can occur around the injured area as the muscles try to hold the broken bone fragments in place, and these muscle spasms cause more pain.

Severe displaced, compound, comminuted, or compression fractures will be extremely traumatic and painful, and can lead to permanent complications. For instance, if a bone heals improperly because it is in a rotated position or at an incorrect angle, it is called a malunion. Another complication is nonunion, which occurs when the fractured bone does not heal back together at all. Internal fixation (screws) or corrective surgery is sometimes required.

Nerve injury can occur if fractured bone or fragments that break off of the bone damage nearby nerve tissues or fibers. Nerve injuries will often affect blood vessels near the fracture site. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome can happen in the most extreme cases, where the pain and nerve sensitivity continue long after the bone has healed. This happens during the initial trauma of the injury if the bone fracture permanently damages the nervous system.

In addition, fractures involving the head, neck, and spine can cause serious and permanent injury beyond that of the broken bone. For example, a skull fracture can push on the brain, bruising it and causing increased intracranial pressure (ICP). Left untreated, ICP can cause permanent brain injury and death.

In the aftermath, treatment and recovery from broken bones and fractures can be time-consuming and costly. The long terms effects can catastrophically every aspect of a person’s life forever. Even when the fracture is completely healed, there can still be scarring, chronic arthritis, physical disability and limited mobility. This is especially true with fractures involving the wrist, knuckles, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles.

Get Help When Facing An Insurance Company

Talk to one of our attorneys before talking with the insurance company. The insurance companies are experts at finding ways to minimize accident victims' claims. We can manage the insurance issues for you, making sure you get the best possible compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

If you or someone you care about suffered a broken bone or bone fracture due to someone else's negligence,contact Sweetser Law Office now for a free case review.